Mid-twenties Crisis

My name is Melanie….and I never finish things.

It’s become a serious problem; a problem I’ve struggled with my whole life and that has completely taken over every aspect of me.

It’s a shame really. Life is so beautiful and so short, and I just sit here moping and unmotivated to finish anything.

Admitting that you struggle with something is never easy; and in our culture, there is so much pressure to be perfect. Fashion magazines tell you that your clothes aren’t perfect. Beauty magazines say your appearance isn’t perfect. Lifestyle magazines say your life isn’t perfect. Home magazines tell you your home isn’t perfect. And all these magazines are telling you what you have to do to achieve perfection in every aspect and facet of your existence.

But isn’t that what true beauty is? Imperfection.

I find the most beautiful people to be the ones who are most raw, most messed up, but most content to struggle on despite the world telling them they will never amount to anything.

I never finish things. It’s a problem. A problem I don’t like, a problem that won’t solve itself; a problem that I’ve fought against for years. And lately, I’ve sunk into a state of sullenness. I’ll never be good enough, I’ll never be able to fix this problem so I might as well just wallow in it.

Fight the good fight. Soldier on towards imperfection. True beauty is when you are at peace; knowing you’ll never be perfect, but striving to make something worthwhile and lasting out of this life you live. There will be bumps and bruises and LOTS of mistakes along the way, but those scars make you who you are today and there is nothing wrong with that.


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