“If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all.” Oscar Wilde

I just finished reading ‘The Night Circus”….again.

Sitting in a booth with food in front of me, my feet propped up on the seat across from me, hunched over in rapt attention; I devoured every last word that dripped in magic and meaning. Soaking it up into the very toes of my soul. And although books aren’t the thing to bring tears to my eyes, I experienced a sort of heart-ache that comes from something beautiful that I caught my breath and tried to stop the moisture in my eyes.

No longer was I in a red and white restaurant, I was in the circus, the black and white tents were there; the scent of caramel and popcorn and cider were there. The crisp night air, the magic and anticipation, it was so real. When the book was over, I could barely return to reality. It’s one of those books that leaves you pining for the escape again and again and again.

I don’t want to be in Auburn, AL….I want to be jumping trains to follow the circus, I want to be waiting for the word, “We are in New York.” or “We are in Budapest.”  To wear black and white with a red scarf wrapped tightly around my neck to protect me from the cold. I want to be under the twinkling lights of the tents watching the illusionist, getting my fortune told, walking through the Ice Garden or wishing on the Wishing Tree.

A sweet, young, man asked me what book I was reading when I finally put it down and my descriptions of “magical” “colorful” “glorious” and “amazing” took him off-guard. He just couldn’t understand the emotional journey I had just been through; poor guy!

This quote proves true: “That moment when you finish a book, look around, and realize that everyone is just carrying on with their lives as though you didn’t just experience emotional trauma at the hands of a paperback.”

So if you want to experience what I have just experienced; if you enjoy mysterious circuses, clocks, magic, intrigue and pure enchantment, then go get ‘The Night Circus’ by Erin Morgenstern. Make yourself a mug brimming with cider, curl up next to the fire and set aside a few hours so that you can be immersed in a black and white dream.

“The circus arrives without warning…”


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