No words.

“Mel, I have cancer.”

Those words hit me like a train going full speed. 

I was driving home, crying into my phone and not knowing what to say except, “Oh no. No. NO.”

A very tearful conversation was held by us as she shared with me that she was getting a double mastectomy. Her fears and numbness at all of these things happening. 

And I couldn’t help but cry at this strong woman who has endured all the world has thrown at her this year and has been hit out of the blue by something as tragic as cancer. 




That first part was written four days ago. I’m having a really hard time finishing this.

I don’t know what else to say except it’s not fair. Life’s not fair. 

Why is it that this woman got cancer? Why did it have to be her? 

But one thing I know to be certain is that my God is in control, and He loves her more than anyone ever could.