Last Night

That glow—it starts in your gut and radiates through your heart. Finally, it shines through your eyes because your heart can’t contain it.

Those magic moments—where ‘I love you’ can’t be said too many times yet at the same time sounding cheap. There are no words sacred enough to convey what should be said—so it is whispered, to give its meaning back.

That peace—knowing the one your soul loves most loves back with the same intensity. A soul with the same language as yours. Where watching that one you love only serves to make you love more and leaves you more intrigued.

Those sleepy night-time walks under streetlights where souls are bared to one another without saying a word. Where kisses are stolen like the first kiss was.

The walk back home—knowing that whatever tragedy befalls you—your souls are bound together by red string and glue.


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