We all have those social masks. 

You know, the one that you wear when you’ve just had an argument but you have to go talk to someone else like nothing is wrong. The one you wear when you severely dislike someone but you still have to act like them talking to you is not in the least upsetting. The one you wear when you are sad beyond belief but the people around you are happy and you don’t want to spoil their happiness with your sadness. 

When dealing with depression, those masks become somewhat of a security. For some reason, you don’t want other people to pity you or even worse, judge you for being a lazy and dramatic slut! So you put that mask on, the one with the way too eager smile plastered rigidly in place; you walk out into the world like your life is completely in place.

What would happen if you were completely honest though? I’ve thought that would be easier but how would you respond to everyday inquiries? 

“Hello, how are you today?”

“I’m great how are you?” *smiley face* 

How do you respond to that truthfully? 

“I’m awful. I feel like such a loser for being a 24 year old who slept into 3 today because I am completely and utterly exhausted. Thanks, how are you?” 

So you go through your day pretending because you really have no other option. 

You put on the greatest social performance of all time and no one even knows. Take a bow, you deserve it!

Eventually, the act becomes too much. So you stay inside and don’t leave for fear of people finding out your terrible truth! It becomes exhausting. 


You may be thinking to yourself, “Why do we even need these social masks?”

But if you take those away, I think that the world would become an even less pleasant place than it is right now. Those social masks, to me, are an every day practical way of loving other people. Not throwing one’s own burdens onto people unnecessarily; suffering in silence instead of hurting people with your own hurt. 

A socially acceptable way of lying. 

Welcome to adulthood boys and girls.