On Almost Getting Pulled Over On The Side Of A Mountain

This story is one of my most favoritest memories I’ve ever experienced.

This happened in October of 2013 and now in April 2014, I still think about it. Like obsessively think about it; like at least once or twice a month think about it. Like, uncontrollably grin about it every time I think about it.

Am I hyping this up too much?

I have a reputation for doing that.

Hyped up or not, I hope you enjoy and laugh as much as I did!


On Almost Getting Pulled Over On The Side Of A Mountain

Me, my husband, his family, his grandparents and my family went cabin-ing in Gatlinburg, TN last October. It was perfect! The leaves were beginning to turn colors, it was the cusp of autumn; a chill had just began to prick the air and cozy sweaters were a necessity.

We had a big cabin together with a basement that had a pool table and a hot tub outside. (Late night, pile-all-the-kids-in-the-hot-tub-with-glow-sticks-time! Holla!) There were trips up the mountain in ski lifts, there was sliding down the mountain, there was whiskey tasting and Oktoberfest. There was traditional German dining, there were haunted houses that beckoned us inside, there was the hottest hot sauce in the US. There was a sock store, a candle store, a tea store, a Thomas Kincaid store. There were masquerade masks to buy and a candy store to gawk at.

It was glorious!

When our time was done, and it was time to go home, we traveled in a caravan down the side of the mountain to take pictures at the scenic stops. We stopped at a few of the little stops before getting to the really big, take-your-breath-away stop.

His family was in the van at the front, my family was in the Volkswagen behind them, we were in the car behind my family and his grandparents were behind us.

My youngest sister was trying to film a mock, horror film trailer and needed footage for the trailer. To acquire said footage, she zipped up her jacket, cinched her hoodie up close to her face and stuck out of my parent’s sun roof and filmed with her phone.

And so we made our way down the mountain in that order and with my sister sticking her head out; we continued like this for about twenty minutes.

It was hilarious! She was making faces and yelling all the way down the mountain while she filmed…….until we saw a patrol car appear out of nowhere.

We round a corner and there he is, travelling in the opposite direction. He drives past the first car, second car, third car, fourth car and then immediately turns around with his lights on and follows our caravan.


“Oh s***!” we both exclaim. My feet get cold, my hands start sweating and my heart starts beating really fast.

My sister ducks into the car in front of us faster than we could blink and meanwhile, the patrol officer is still following us.

While driving on a mountain road, there isn’t a shoulder. We were convinced he was going to pull their car over at the next scenic stop and we’re all holding our breath, waiting for the worst.

It seemed like an eternity, we just kept driving and he just kept tailing us.

The scenic stop has arrived and Mr. Patrol car zooms around the fourth car, (he’s going in for the kill) third car (this is it!)…………second car (what the heck!) and first car……

We were all gaping!

“Oh my gosh, what just happened?”

Relief washed over my entire body and I collapsed back in my seat unaware that I had been holding my breath. After a long time of shaking our heads and laughing in disbelief we looked at each other, “I still can’t believe that just happened!”

When we finally stopped, the first thing out of my mouth was, “Can we just talk about that mini-heart attack everyone had when that ranger turned around?”

We laughed about it for days on end and I still get a goofy smile when I think about that moment.


So let that be a lesson learned kiddos!


Middle Names

I’ve been obsessed with middle name since I was a kid.

There were several occasions where I suppressed the urge to ask every, single, person in the room what their middle name was.

Names are a very important thing; I think we get so lost in the necessity of them that we forget their significance. A random compilation of vowels and consonants that you associate your entire identity around. I’d say that’s pretty significant, don’t you?

Middles names are the person that people don’t know; they are a part of one’s identity that isn’t laid out on the table right away.

It’s like having a little secret that is so simple, yet so beautiful in its simplicity.

Maybe that’s just me, but I can’t breathe a little when someone tells me their middle name…is that weird?




On those days where you are too tired to face the day, and you choose to crawl under the covers to escape the world, do you ever wish you could truly escape?

When you are too scared to be an adult, do you wish that you could crawl so far under your sheets that you would find a place that is pleasant and happy and so far removed from this existence of pain and hardship? Where you don’t have to bothered with the consequences of your own mistakes and mess-ups.

I do.


Little Band of People

It’s funny how people who were once just strangers on the  street, in so short a time, become your family.

Our book club has been together for about a year, it started out with just a few women and has since grown to include girls I never would have met otherwise. And every single one of them has become a sister to me.

We were all sitting around the room, some on couches and some on the floor; we were celebrating the soon to come birth of a baby boy from one of the women in the group. There was such an ease to being with these women, when there were silences in the conversation it was never awkward. Instead, it was calming, like being with someone who understands you even when you don’t speak.

Every woman there is in a different stage of life. Has come from different places and is following a different path…but we all bond together over an insatiable love for books, tea and wine. It’s beautiful being in that company, it’s beautiful having a sisterhood with them and it’s beautiful to see as we each learn to be more vulnerable and to let each other in.

I think reading books together is, in a sense, opening up your soul to others. Sharing books is such an intimate thing.

My name is Melanie, and I love my book club.