Little Band of People

It’s funny how people who were once just strangers on the  street, in so short a time, become your family.

Our book club has been together for about a year, it started out with just a few women and has since grown to include girls I never would have met otherwise. And every single one of them has become a sister to me.

We were all sitting around the room, some on couches and some on the floor; we were celebrating the soon to come birth of a baby boy from one of the women in the group. There was such an ease to being with these women, when there were silences in the conversation it was never awkward. Instead, it was calming, like being with someone who understands you even when you don’t speak.

Every woman there is in a different stage of life. Has come from different places and is following a different path…but we all bond together over an insatiable love for books, tea and wine. It’s beautiful being in that company, it’s beautiful having a sisterhood with them and it’s beautiful to see as we each learn to be more vulnerable and to let each other in.

I think reading books together is, in a sense, opening up your soul to others. Sharing books is such an intimate thing.

My name is Melanie, and I love my book club.


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