This night reminded me of one of my favorite books/movies: The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

All four of us ran out into the night, behind the apartments. The dog chasing after us, twilight setting in. We climbed on rocks, crowned and banished a king, making him punish himself for his transgressions. We threw rocks at things, we danced and had piggy-back races. We told scary stories, we played on the playground; we would spin in the swing as fast as we could then try to run in a straight line. We played king of the hill on the jungle gym, forming alliances and kicking people out of the castle.

When our feet strayed home well after dark, we swept into the apartment with the night air clinging to our clothes like the perfume of a lover; the chill air making our cheeks red and raw; the dampness making our hair frizzy; the exercise making us breathe deeply: in and out. We all collapsed in the living room laughing and talking about horror movies.

And then we spent the rest of the night playing video games and laughing at each other. At 1am, they left while me and my husband held hands and talked about how much fun we had.

There are friends in your life that you can talk with and hang out with and have meaningful conversations with. And then there are those friends that can do all that but also take you back to being a kid again…those are friends worth having.


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