Day 5-6 Of The Husband Being In Korea

I’ve had so much fast food I think I’m going to explode……ALL THE FAST FOOD!!

A very sweet friend came over and spent two days with me and we did nothing but eat, watch tv and sleep. It was seriously the best!

After going swimming and driving down dark, empty, country roads with my music blaring, I’m waiting for tomorrow when I get to pick up the husband from his very long and very fun trip!


If you need me, I’m just going to sit here eating popsicles and watching movies until I’m too tired to even move.


Day 2-4 Of The Husband Being In Korea

So, I’ve spent the last several nights at my parent’s house doing everything from watching old, homemade movies to eating doughnuts and night swimming.

These old movies are killing me; I won’t have to do crunches for the next 5 years because of how hard I’ve been laughing.

Here’s some quotes that my sisters and I have been quoting until they die:


“I am the mistress to the greatest man in the world! I, am the princess of wales. The goddess of Zeus. The love of King Henry the III, 26th of  April!”


“I don’t sweat, I polish! *laughter* I mean, I don’t sweat! I gleam!”


“The asylum? This isn’t an asylum! THIS is the Opera, THE OPERA!!! And I, am, the SINGER!”


“Well he just came in here and tore the place apart! I guess we’ll be gluing furniture together for several weeks. He even made the phone bill go up! Now how in tarnation did he make the PHONE BILL go up?”


“If I win this show, I will donate all the funderations to the baptist church, down the street!”


“Now just move your legs like you’re walkin’… don’t do much walkin’ do ya?”


“Who were you on the phone with earlier?” “Oh….I cannot say.” *takes out deodorant and starts rubbing it on foot*



Our childhood was weird and hilarious….


Day 1 Of The Husband Being In Korea

The husband is in Korea for work and this is the first night I’ve slept alone in 3 years.

I mean, we’ve had nights apart, but I’ve always spent them with my best friends or sisters so I was never alone. This is different….an adventure in being alone all the time.

This is the first night and I decided to treat myself: dinner with friends, one facial mask, two redbox movies and a few Halo games later and it’s been a good night! The rest of this week is going to be packed with friend time and family time and pool time that it’s going to fly by!

So wish me and Zelda good luck as we survive without our man for a while…I foresee many midnight McDonalds trips in my future.

It’s going to be an awfully grand adventure!



The dreaded sunburn.

I’ve had my fair share of bad sunburns throughout the years (in spite of my French-Cajun olive skin). I remember being 5 or 6 and getting such a bad sunburn on my back that my mom slathered me in sticky, gooey aloe-vera every hour.

That was the first of many.

Then, when I was 15 at our church’s youth group lake party, I put sunscreen on my face once and was in the sun for 5+ hours. The next day, I was the exact coloring of a boiled lobster. You think I’m joking? I’m not!

There have been others, mostly involving my back, face and shoulders. You’d think I’d learn. You’d think that I would remember the pain and the redness and the peeling and that after all this time I had been taught the errors of my ways…..

I haven’t!

So this beach trip last weekend; me and my husband boarded our dog at the vet (Princess Zelda was so sad that I cried!), we hopped in the car on a Friday evening and on Saturday, we spent the whole day at the beach. I put sunscreen on once and he put sunscreen on twice. After a nice dinner out and finally getting back to our hotel, we were so burnt, we almost looked purple. The husband started experiencing flu-like symptoms….I thought he was going to die.

After slathering ourselves in aloe, we very painfully fell asleep.

It’s Wednesday, it’s been 4 days since we’ve been burned and we both have blisters covering our skin…you’re welcome for the mental image. 🙂

Moral is: wear sunscreen, don’t ever skip it.


p.s. Now I’m afraid of getting skin cancer.


The Siren’s Song

I can hear it……the ocean wooing me to itself.

The waves, the wind, the warm sand, the salty taste that lingers on your lips and the way time seems to slip slowly by.

My bag is somehow packing itself; a coral swimsuit, a floppy hat, three books, shorts, sandals and sunscreen. The bag is overflowing,  just waiting to go.

I’m itching for the road, for escape, for relief and freedom.

And it’s coming my way tomorrow evening.


The beach is calling me away with it for a weekend and I’m counting down the hours till we leave.


Being Alone

I have never been this alone in all my life.

Growing up, there was hardly a moment alone; with two younger sisters and my parents, I was surrounded by people who cared for me. There was always someone to talk to when I needed it.

Then I got married, and moved away, and started working from home and I’m alone all the time. (Well, except for Zelda the dog of course…)

It was like, life was so loud and crazy and chaotic and happy back home; and then silence.

There’s nothing wrong with silence, I’m just a person who is uneasy with silence. I like noise and hearing the life around me.

And now I’m alone with my thoughts every day. It drives me insane! A lot of times I try to drown out the silence with loud music and movies playing in the background.

But there are those times when I can turn everything off and I can be quiet and enjoy it. It’s something I’ve started to become good at; and in those moments when I can stand to be alone, there are so many things I learn.

I’ve learned a lot about me: the person I am and the person I aspire to be. There are some bad days; days where I get so caught up in hating the person I am and the stupid things I’ve done that I wind up depressed and unable to get out of bed.

But the good days are starting to outnumber the bad, which is a good thing.


It does make me feel accomplished though, that I can be alone with my thoughts on some days and not go crazy.

And that’s all I guess…..


A Salute To Night Owls

It’s kind of beautiful out there on the road at 3am. The roads are empty, the windows of the houses are dark (except for the few night owls who are burning the midnight oil, I feel you bro…) and all the street lights are pretending to be the sun in the darkness of the night.

The window rolled down is letting in the balmy air and it’s quiet….oh so quiet.

It’s peaceful. And scary…a little scary; especially when street lights go out without warning and then I start cursing myself for watching too much ‘Supernatural’!

But overall, it’s beautiful and lonely.


When you do happen to run into people at Wal-Mart who are awake at this ungodly hour as well, it’s kind of embarrassing. Especially when you go up to the register with a box of wings and a 2 liter of Coca-Cola. (Thank you for being awake cash register lady, you are helping to fuel my bad habits…)

The wings and Coke are for a good cause though, I’ve got pictures from a recent wedding that need editing! Only about 1,000 more to go…yay!


For you night owls who happen to be awake out there, I salute you and our brotherhood in insomnia…here’s to sleep, eventually.