A Salute To Night Owls

It’s kind of beautiful out there on the road at 3am. The roads are empty, the windows of the houses are dark (except for the few night owls who are burning the midnight oil, I feel you bro…) and all the street lights are pretending to be the sun in the darkness of the night.

The window rolled down is letting in the balmy air and it’s quiet….oh so quiet.

It’s peaceful. And scary…a little scary; especially when street lights go out without warning and then I start cursing myself for watching too much ‘Supernatural’!

But overall, it’s beautiful and lonely.


When you do happen to run into people at Wal-Mart who are awake at this ungodly hour as well, it’s kind of embarrassing. Especially when you go up to the register with a box of wings and a 2 liter of Coca-Cola. (Thank you for being awake cash register lady, you are helping to fuel my bad habits…)

The wings and Coke are for a good cause though, I’ve got pictures from a recent wedding that need editing! Only about 1,000 more to go…yay!


For you night owls who happen to be awake out there, I salute you and our brotherhood in insomnia…here’s to sleep, eventually.


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