The dreaded sunburn.

I’ve had my fair share of bad sunburns throughout the years (in spite of my French-Cajun olive skin). I remember being 5 or 6 and getting such a bad sunburn on my back that my mom slathered me in sticky, gooey aloe-vera every hour.

That was the first of many.

Then, when I was 15 at our church’s youth group lake party, I put sunscreen on my face once and was in the sun for 5+ hours. The next day, I was the exact coloring of a boiled lobster. You think I’m joking? I’m not!

There have been others, mostly involving my back, face and shoulders. You’d think I’d learn. You’d think that I would remember the pain and the redness and the peeling and that after all this time I had been taught the errors of my ways…..

I haven’t!

So this beach trip last weekend; me and my husband boarded our dog at the vet (Princess Zelda was so sad that I cried!), we hopped in the car on a Friday evening and on Saturday, we spent the whole day at the beach. I put sunscreen on once and he put sunscreen on twice. After a nice dinner out and finally getting back to our hotel, we were so burnt, we almost looked purple. The husband started experiencing flu-like symptoms….I thought he was going to die.

After slathering ourselves in aloe, we very painfully fell asleep.

It’s Wednesday, it’s been 4 days since we’ve been burned and we both have blisters covering our skin…you’re welcome for the mental image. 🙂

Moral is: wear sunscreen, don’t ever skip it.


p.s. Now I’m afraid of getting skin cancer.


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