Day 2-4 Of The Husband Being In Korea

So, I’ve spent the last several nights at my parent’s house doing everything from watching old, homemade movies to eating doughnuts and night swimming.

These old movies are killing me; I won’t have to do crunches for the next 5 years because of how hard I’ve been laughing.

Here’s some quotes that my sisters and I have been quoting until they die:


“I am the mistress to the greatest man in the world! I, am the princess of wales. The goddess of Zeus. The love of King Henry the III, 26th of  April!”


“I don’t sweat, I polish! *laughter* I mean, I don’t sweat! I gleam!”


“The asylum? This isn’t an asylum! THIS is the Opera, THE OPERA!!! And I, am, the SINGER!”


“Well he just came in here and tore the place apart! I guess we’ll be gluing furniture together for several weeks. He even made the phone bill go up! Now how in tarnation did he make the PHONE BILL go up?”


“If I win this show, I will donate all the funderations to the baptist church, down the street!”


“Now just move your legs like you’re walkin’… don’t do much walkin’ do ya?”


“Who were you on the phone with earlier?” “Oh….I cannot say.” *takes out deodorant and starts rubbing it on foot*



Our childhood was weird and hilarious….


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