Something I’ve noticed increasingly of my generation is the emphasis on freedom.

Whether you’re watching a YouTube celebrity or talking to your best friend between the ages of 18-28, a topic that always arises (at least for me) is that of freedom.

Freedom emotionally, mentally, sexually, physically or spiritually. At least from my observations, it’s a priority of this generation.

This is just a crazy ramble of words, don’t think too much into this; but I think this increased interest in personal freedom comes from the social norms that we’ve seen pressed onto our parents.

This is what grown-ups do. This is what children do. This is what girls like. This is what boys like.

Too much compartmentalizing can drive a person mad, don’t you think? We are all complex individuals, with stories and experiences that make us radically different from the person sitting next to us. We’ve all experienced different adventures and walked different paths that make us bent towards certain things.


On the other hand, something that has caused me some hurt is when kids from this generation put down certain people as “giving up their freedom”.

I got married when I was 21. A lot of people would say that I was giving up my freedom, that I was tied down too soon, that I hadn’t experienced life yet. That hurt. I may have to compromise on things with this guy I promised to be with forever, but we also like to get McDonalds together super late and come home to play halo and cuddle. He loves me even when I look gross and burp out loud sometimes….for serious, what’s more free than that? I don’t have to pretend that I always look perfect, I can stay in my pajamas all day and this boy doesn’t judge me! (Do you think I’m gross now? I’m not I promise!)

I’ve seen the same thing for people who choose to start a family at a young age. Like having a kid somehow makes you less free as an individual.

Comments like, “I’m out drinking with my girls while you’re home with your kid!” Uuummmm, have you heard of this invention called a babysitter?

Honestly, comments like that have terrified me about starting a family one day! I don’t want to be this young woman who isn’t free anymore and just gave it all up!


I think that’s a flawed way of thinking.

Someone who is really and truly free shouldn’t have to constantly validate that they are indeed free.

I believe that freedom is a state of mind. When you get married and start a family, there are definitely certain freedoms that you may have to sacrifice. But if go into that situation willing to make those sacrifices, does that make you enslaved?

Can’t you be free in your thinking and your dreaming and your doing? Can’t you break the norms and just be who you want to be?

Being a wife has given me the freedom to mess up (bad) and know that the person who loves me most still loves me for who I am, mistakes and all! And I hope that one day, when I become a mother that I will find freedom in teaching my kid how to truly be free. To learn to love myself and all my flaws as I teach a human being to do the same.

Freedom is important, but if we are in a constant state of worry about our freedom, are we really free?


If you made it through this whole ramble, I’m giving you an internet high-five, or a fist bump, or celebratory hug, or an intricate secret, friend handshake…whatever floats your boat!

I hope this made some sort of sense. Tell me what you think! (Please be gentle, mean people make me sad…)


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