Wal-Mart With My Sisters

My family just moved up to Virginia. I’m stuck here in lame-o Alabama and they are having crazy adventures far away!

It’s not fair.

But I’ll stop pouting and make something good out of this.


My two younger sisters and I love having sister sleepovers. They started in the basement at mom and dad’s house when we were teenagers and have continued as I moved away. Traditions that take place at sister sleepovers are as follows: a movie (or two, or three), an inordinate amount of snacking that would shame us if we told people, watching youtube, swapping music, lazing around on our computers/phones, a midnight trip to Wal-Mart, sometimes a photo shoot and, if it’s been a while, a sister fight where two of us are mad at each other while the third tries to help them  make up.

By the time we reach Wal-Mart, we have reached that point of the night called delirium. Where not enough sleep+tons of sugar+enough caffeine to power a small city=Everything is freaking hilarious and I have no idea why I’m laughing or why I just said that thing that makes no sense! (We’ve all been there, don’t lie to yourself…)

At our last sister sleepover, we needed blank cds to burn music. My sisters were going to be driving up to Virginia together and they needed lots of my music to pass the time on the drive.

We go to Wal-Mart except it’s not midnight….it’s 5pm. But we were still as loud and crazy and weird as if it was 3 in the morning!

We go looking for the cds and look way longer than we should have. We found them and decided to browse through their movies and music section. We were laughing and talking and having a great time, when my sister gestured wildly with her arm and accidentally flung the cds under one of the music displays!

At this point, we’re laughing so hard that we’re about to collapse as my sister gets on the floor trying to reach under the aisle to retrieve what she lost.

“It’s too far back there for me to reach….oops!”

Turning on our heels and suppressing our giggles, we nonchalantly walk away to get more cds. Shortly afterwards, we meet up with my husband and decide to go pick out snacks for the night.

As we’re walking and talking and making jokes we all stop in our path…..spellbound….

There, rolling slowly and lopsidedly across our path, is the cylinder of cds we lost under the aisle!!!

I lost it, my sisters lost it, the husband had no idea what was going on as we gave that poor little cylinder a temporary home in the $5 movie bin.

“It’s haunting us!!” we all exclaimed.

And then we made up scenarios of the cds making their way to my house in the middle of the night and peeking in the window seeking out revenge late in the night!

It was one of those things where if someone brought it up that night, we’d melt into a fresh fit of laughter all over again.


So this is to you my literal soul sisters….you are some of the coolest and raddest people I know and you better skype me all the time or I will come up there myself and we’ll stay up talking all night long! I miss all of you so much already!


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