That moment when you have important news to share with family and friends. You start with the people most important in your life, (like family) for obvious reasons, they have dibs to know important news first. Then you make your way down through the food chain. Friends you’ve known forever, friends that mean the most to you and then you leave acquaintances to find out via social media.

The hardest part though, is to keep this news off of social media until everyone that means something in your life has heard it in person. And with a culture that is fixated with social media, how does that even happen? Part of me wants to keep this certain important news off of social media entirely and just let people hear through hearsay (because, let’s be honest, some people have nothing better to do than to spread stories about people….)

I guess what I’m trying to say is, there are certain people who keep coming back to me saying, “Oh my gosh Mel, when can we tell people? I just want to tell everybody and I’m tired of waiting…”

Oh yeah, well take a step in my shoes. I had to keep a poker face on for a very sweet friend of mine because I had to tell you first! Jeez!


This post is very whiny and vague (the very stuff that I say I despise), will you forgive me? I figured that since you decide to follow me and read my ramblings that you wouldn’t mind so much and you can ignore this if that is what you so desire.

And you will hear this bit of important news…..once two more people hear it from me in person, I promise.

Thank you for being the coolest friend out there, internet friends!


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