It’s been that time in life where everyone you know is getting hitched! It’s crazy, fun, emotional, exhausting and full of happy tears. And every time I am closely involved in a wedding, whether that’s as a bridesmaid or best friend or photographer, I always have weird dreams about the big day. Dreams that make no sense, that are panicky and filled with hiccups.

It started with the first time I was a bridesmaid for my friend living in Ohio. For months before her big day, I kept dreaming that all the wedding party took too long to get ready, we were all moving through molasses and we ended up being hours late to the wedding. We couldn’t find dresses, we kept getting lost on the way to the ceremony. I’d wake up feeling uneasy and on edge for the whole day.

The worst thing that actually happened at her wedding: no one brought bobby pins for our hair. So one of the bridesmaid’s dads had to drive to the store at 7am to get us hundreds of pins. Also, the bride’s hair dresser was hungover and ruined her hair….but everything turned out alright at the end of the day. The hair was fixed and they got married and it was beautiful and fun.


Then my wedding; I had so many dreams that my dress was ruined, I got married in my pajamas, or this fun dream–the rehearsal was actually the wedding and I didn’t have any makeup on!

The worst thing that actually happened: me, my mom and my sisters got to the church an hour later than we planned….but it didn’t ruin anything at all! Also, the hubby’s baby sister (who was the flower girl) took her sweet time walking down the aisle and spreading flowers, the song I’d picked out had to be repeated two or three times to accommodate her. People got a good laugh out of it though!


My friend who got married in May of last year: I kept dreaming that I could never find my bridesmaid dress! Or, I’d have my dress on but then later I discover that it’s the wrong dress or the wrong color or whatever. Then I’d have to drive home to find it and get to the wedding just as people were walking down the aisle.

The worst thing that actually happened: during the bride and groom’s first dance, the bustle in the dress (for those who don’t know what a bustle is: the long train in the dress that gets pinned up so the bride doesn’t trip on it during the reception) came undone and they had to stop their dance halfway through. It was actually adorable.


Another sweet friend of mine is getting married in December, and the wedding dreams have started. The wedding was rushed and the bride ended up being in a wheelchair and then it got cancelled halfway through and I could never figure out why.

I guess time will tell what actually happens. But I’m sure that, along with every other wedding, they will get married and live happily ever after!

Yay for weddings!


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