The Quote Book

The idea came from a friend who kept a notebook of the funny things said by her family.

“BRILLIANT!!” 13 year old me thought.

And thus it began……and the quotes that have accumulated are golden.


And p.s. if this post makes ZERO sense…it’s totally cool, move along. I hope some of you find this enjoyable though, I tried to pick quotes that made some sense.


Here are a round up of some of my favorites:


Teacher’s pet! – Heather

Eat your pet?! – Becca

PETA would have a heart attack! What does PETA stand for anyway?….Protecting every thing….alive? – Me


We are the older sisters here, we should take a stand…. -Becca

Yeah, revolution, and change! – Me

Yeah! *sigh* I feel like we’ve accomplished something. – Becca


You freak! – Me

Hey, you licked yourself first! – Becca


Sissy, we could be bookends! – Heather


No! They weren’t tuplets!! – Heather


I can heal your brain!!!!! – Heather


I have got glasses on you NERD!! – Me


He’s a manly boy-man. – Heather


What would you do if I just randomly started spazzing out…like this? (cue dramatic spazzing) – Me

I would take you to the asylum….even though I can’t drive. – Heather


Me….I’m a bubble-invader. -Heather


And I come in peace. – Me


It’s cold in here… – Me

I feel right at home. -Heather

Well…you’re a vampire – Me

Because, you know, vampires love the cold?? – Becca


Yeah, but they were cute clothes. -Becca

Guys clothes are cute? – Heather

I mean…they were manly, attractive clothes. – Becca


Yeah, if you stock shelves, what if someone asked you what your job was and you said, “I’m a stocker.” – Becca

Then you got and sit on a bench in a trench coat and sunglasses with a newspaper and someone says, “What are you doing?” “Shhh, I”m stalking shelves!” – Heather


“Yeah, this is Cain and this is Able.” “Can they work?” “Well, he Cain…and he’s Able.” – Heather


You dance like Martin Luther!! – Heather


Heather!!  Stop acting like a confused gerbil! – Becca


Haha! Monkery, that’s a funny word. Sounds like monkey! – Heather

Yeah, you know, a monkery….where the monks live! – Me

Uummm, Sissy, that’s a monastery. – Becca


Oh whatever, same thing! Toes are fingers on your feet! – Heather


Sissy said she didn’t want a snack because she has a toothless monkey named Chester. – Becca


My lips are chapped… – Becca

Your head is chapped PUNK!!! – Me


Y’all!! I cannot paint my nails when you’re arguing like that! – Becca


Well, let’s go get yon firewood. – Heather

Down yon hill, in yon fuzzy coats!! – Me

Come on Shakespeare. – Becca


Heather, thy name is stealth! – Becca


I have the knowledgical know-how….you don’t. – Heather


Are you getting up in my bidness? – Me

Yeah, I’m getting up in your bidness!! – Heather

No, stop getting all up in each other’s bidness. – Becca


I’m an engineer, I help people with their problems. – Ben

I thought that was a psychiatrist… – Becca


Your brain is like blueberries!! – Me

Oh yeah? Your brain is like your face! – Becca


It’s moved up several notches on my notch list. – Heather


What are you doing? – Heather

Digging a hole to China, why do you want to know? – Becca


Yeah, I got in a fight with myself….myself was being cheeky. – Heather


This catapult is buh-ro-ken!!! – Becca


You could have communsicated with me! – Becca


I’m protecting my hand from frost-bite! – Heather (eating ice cream with an oven mitt on)


Sweet mother of goat cheese!!! – Heather


Your face! – Me

Your mom’s face…..don’t you DARE say that to me!! – Becca


Curse you! May you go to Candyland and never return! – Heather


I will buy you money. – Becca


Dangit! There’s a plant there!! – Becca


The funny thing about this…. – Becca

We bought a frisbee! – Heather


Awwww, is that a turtle? – Me

No!! That’s a HORSE! – Heather


Hey, can you hand me the chips? – Heather

What do you think I am? A house elf? – Me

Nope, just a Gryffindor! – Heather


By the time we’re married, they’ll probably have invented…. -Heather

An instant biscuit maker!!!!! – Me

No!! Teleportation! – Heather


You wanna know when your diet isn’t going well? – Becca

When? – Me

When you spend all night dreaming about cookies… – Becca


Not does your foot!! – Me


I’m a good rapper! – Me

Yes, you got those lyrics real good! – Becca


Somebody scamper gosh-dangit!! – Me


My hat, it is a shooooeeee!! – Me



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