An Ode To Our Couch

Hey there couch,

It’s me, Melanie. I know we go waaaaayyy back, I mean, we see each other everyday for long periods of time but I thought you should know exactly how much you mean to me. I just had one of those moments where I realized how different my life would be without you….

You see, it’s not just all the naps we’ve been through together or the way you keep me cozy and comfy when I watch tv shows with my husband; no…it’s so much more than that. It’s the memories that you provided.

If you weren’t sitting there in our living room–all grey with your pillows never perfectly fluffed except when company comes over–we wouldn’t have nearly as many memories. My husband and I wouldn’t have had a place to sit as we binge watched our shows at night, we wouldn’t have a place to eat our dinner in the evenings. (Shhhh, I know we have a table but having coffee table dinners are way more fun…don’t tell table I said that!) If it weren’t for you, where would all my lost boys sit while eating pizza and playing Halo? Where would we pile everybody for a game of Settlers of Catan or Boggle? Where would my sisters sleep when they came over? Where would my husband take naps when he’s exhausted from work? Zelda wouldn’t have a place to jump on every time we left the house…..even though she knows she’s not supposed to? Where would our pregnant friend take a nap while the husbands played video games?

I mean….all the movie nights and game nights and video game nights and sleepovers and pizza nights: where would those happen if you were not set up in our living room.

Couch, you are the center of this family. You are the center of our friendships. You are the center of all of my favorite memories……life just wouldn’t be the same without you.

As time goes on, you will age…as will I. Your fabric will start to look a little stretched and faded. Your pillows won’t fluff as much as they used to fluff. There will probably be a few stains as children slowly start to take over this house. You will probably start sagging in places that are embarrassing…..but doesn’t age do that to us all? There will even come a time when–heaven forbid!–I start to nag the husband for a new couch. But I want you to know, couch, that you are so important to me and when your time has come, I will never forget you. Our first couch. Me and the husband’s first furniture buy as newlyweds. How could we ever forget you?

Thank you for all the memories and I hope this makes you feel more loved than ever. How can I ever thank you?


Hugs and kisses,




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