Sister Telepathy

My sisters like to claim that we should have been triplets, we are highly intuitive with each other. There have been so many times where we’ve come across as “telepathic” with each other…it’s hilarious!

And with each sister it’s different.

With my middle sister, we know what the other person is thinking or we say the exact same sentence at the exact same time. One of the most famous examples of this was when we were talking in the kitchen one day and my sister started saying something and I finished her sentence mid-word. So many times, we’ll try to make an observation about something and both say the exact same thing!

With my youngest sister, we sense things about each other. There were times where I felt this overwhelming sense that my sister felt sad and needed encouragement. She had a dream about my other sister being pregnant the night before I told my family I was pregnant. Or, just last night, we both woke up at the exact same time in the morning because something scared us; we both woke up, hearts racing.


There was this book I liked to read when I was a young teenager and in the book there were three sisters, and there was this quote that always stuck out to me. And maybe it’s cheesy and a little sappy, but it always seemed to describe the connection that I have with my sisters.

“And—and most especially know that I love you and that it is true that our hearts beat in one another’s breasts.”


Having sisters is pretty cool!


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