Melanie’s Definitive Ranking Of Fast Food Fries

Today, the blueberry was ringing for fries….so I complied. And as I was driving to the drive-thru for food, I started thinking of some of my all time favorite fries in the entire world! So here’s a list of four of my favorite fries with 1 being the best! 

There will probably be people who read this turning their nose up at fast food, but you know what….fast food may be horrible for you…but don’t we all need a little greasy food in our lives sometimes. To guilt trip us into eating our veggies and doing our yoga and going for a run?

Anyway, I have a serious love affair with fast food sometimes…but don’t tell that to the salad in the fridge…shhhhh!

Here we go fast food lovers, can I get an amen?

4. Steak and Shake: Besides having incredible burgers (really the only burgers I can eat without feeling sick afterwards) their fries are great. They’re really small and really skinny so after a huge burger you don’t feel like you have to force all the fries in your face as well! You can also put seasonings on them, hello salt and vinegar fries!!

Steak and Shake

3. Arbys: Holy cow!! How do I even begin to talk about how much I love curly fries??? And they have this spicy, three pepper sauce that is just…wow! Arbys calls their food: good mood food….and they are so right! Puts me in a good mood just thinking about it!

Arby's Fries


2. McDonalds: In the famous words of the comedian Jim Gaffigan, “Has your mother ever made something that tasted as good as McDonalds fries?” #truth  But really, how can you not love Mcfries? Really, and truly, they are the nectar that comes from the fast food gods. They have a truly special place in my heart….so much yes!!


1. Chick Fil A: If you’ve never been to a Chickfila, I pity you…no really, I do! They have the best damn chicken sandwich you’ve ever eaten. And their chicken nuggets are obviously made out of real chicken! It’s so good, it feels good all the way to the soul! And their fries are WAFFLE FRIES!!! Freaking waffle fries!!! Get some spicy buffalo sauce or some sweet barbecue sauce and have yourself a fry party….mmmmmm! I can’t even…I just ate some waffle fries and I am already craving more!


Has this post made you hungry yet? If so, I sincerely apologize! Has this post assured you that I’m a crazy lunatic? Well, you already kind of knew that…didn’t you?

What are your favorite fast food fries? 

Comment below…with pictures preferably, so we can all be hungry together! 


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