Is My Pregnant Showing?

I’ve been challenging myself to write something every day for the month of September and it’s been harder than I thought! (Yes it does count that I’m writing this at 3 in the morning because I haven’t fallen asleep yet so technically it’s still today!)

And because I was having a hard time coming up with something to write about today the husband made a suggestion at dinner tonight. He had to work super late tonight and so I met him at Waffle House for dinner and as he was sitting across the booth listening to my desperation for something to write about he says, “Write about Waffle House!” I laughed and he continued, “No, I’m serious, write about how much you love breakfast food!”

I apologize for my horrifically long back-story, but in my silly mind it’s important, please bear with me…

Anyway, I wasn’t going to write about Waffle House tonight because I just wrote a post about my love of food and if I write about food too much people are going to know I’m pregnant….shhhhhhh!!! But, desperate times call for desperate measures!

Here’s a link to that post by the way:

So, breakfast food, I LOVE breakfast food. Most mornings I enjoy the lighter side of breakfast: smoothies, fruit, yogurt and granola, cereal, etc. But some mornings (or evenings) I need the BIG breakfast! The greasier the better. Waffle House is that breakfast. Two eggs, toast, bacon and, my favorite, hash browns.

Guys, let me talk to you about hash browns for a second: the first time I fell in love with hash browns is when my dad would make them on saturday mornings…he didn’t make them often but when he made them, yuuummm! Grated potatoes, cooked in a skillet until they’re golden brown and crispy. Put some ketchup and spicy, hot sauce on it and you are now in heaven.

Every so often, when it’s late at night and I’m binge-watching a show of mine, my brain will speak up saying stuff like, “Hey, you know what we haven’t had in a while?” “No, what?” I’ll reply. “HASH BROWNS!!!!!!!!!” And then I’ll start thinking if it’s really worth the call in to Waffle House and then the drive there and then the drive back just to satisfy this craving.

First world problems, right?

But seriously, the BEST breakfast place, is this little hole in the wall place right across the street from Auburn University called Price’s Barbecue House. I have never had a better breakfast in my life, I mean, it sometimes rivals the breakfasts that mom and dad used to make! (Sorry guys, it does!)

It’s making me hungry all over again…oh no, now my stomach is craving hot wings! Looks like I’ll have to write another post about how much I love hot wings next…

Guys, seriously though, is my pregnant showing?


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