This human taking up temporary residence in my abdomen is growing significantly larger. Just a few weeks ago, I had to give up sleeping on my stomach (the BEST sleep position in the entire world!!)

So in light of all this, here’s a few things I’ve been missing:

I miss sleeping on my stomach, with a pillow propped under my arm and the covers pulled up to my ears.

I miss going into a back bend, looking at the world upside down and feeling my back pop in all the right places.

I miss doing upward facing dog when I practice yoga, feeling a stretch in my abdomen and back.

I miss cartwheels.

I miss headstands.

I miss being able to twist all the way to the side without there being a cramp in my stomach.

I miss ALL the alcohol: I miss my favorite red wine, I miss drinking beer with the guys, I miss ordering cocktails at dinner out.

I miss doing (attempting to do) any ab workout video I can find on YouTube.


I miss riding rollercoasters on the front row, hands in the air, screaming my lungs off.

I miss all the crazy amusement park rides.

I miss having the choice to dye my hair crazy colors (here’s looking at you charcoal grey hair!)

I miss being slung over my husbands shoulder when we’re goofing off.

I miss eating tuna anything….ANYTHING! (Tuna is my favorite!!!)

I miss being able to shop for clothes that I know I can wear for the next few months. All I want is a new pair of skinny jeans!!

And I know what you must be saying, “You’ve only got five more months, those things will wait!”

Yes, they will, but waiting and patience is something I’m bad at. If you are enjoying (or have enjoyed recently) any of the things on this list, think of me, please?

That is all!


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