Silly Song

The set-up: sleepover with my sisters and our best friends, two sisters who shall go unnamed for their sake. It’s late, like, really late and we’ve reached that pre-teen/teenage delirious stage of the night. We just discovered the recording option on my sister’s laptop so we decide to sing and make funny voice recordings.

The song: it was made up by our two friends. And I wish you could hear but as you can’t, I hope you find the reading of it quite enjoyable! (Note to my sister who helped me with the decision to put this up or not: I cannot upload the song, it won’t let me!)

This was supposed to be exclusively friend number 2’s song but friend number 1 has a bit of a love for the spotlight so she jumped in. This was made up all off the top of their heads, no lyrics were written down beforehand…..seriously, this was all improv!

So here it is:

Iiiiiiii – 2

Was – 1

Walking…. – 2

Last night… – 1

Down the road. And I saw, a big fat bunny… – 2


(Stop it!) So the bunny became my friend, cause his name was George. And he was really tall…and…invisible. But only I could see him! – 2

(Robust!) – 1

Everyone said, I was crazy… -2

(For that robust bunny!) -1

But I knew I wasn’t! – 2

(For that robust bunny!!!!) – 1

And they were like, “YOU are so crazy!” -2

(Robust bunny!!!!) – 1

And I was like………I love that robust bunny! We’re gonna go to the BAHAMAS!! – 2


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