On Being A Night Owl

My sleeping habits have never been healthy ones.

According to my mom, I stopped taking naps at three and it’s just become worse and worse since then.

I was the kid who could stay up the whole night at a slumber party. It started out so innocently too; someone would say, “Let’s see who can stay up the longest!!” And it was awesome, as girls started dropping into their sleeping bags like flies I’d feel triumphant…..until every, last, one of them was asleep. Then I was sitting there poking their face like, “Hey, hey, yeah, I’m still awake, I win!” Nobody was ever too happy about that, the only reward I got was being too wired on sugar and caffeine to actually fall asleep.

Then skip ahead to my pre-teen years: I would be reading a Nancy Drew book and my parents would come in my room and tell me to go to sleep. I’d turn off my light and wait an hour until I knew they were asleep–since their room was across the hall from mine–then ever so quietly, I’d get my flashlight and my book then read away. I’d finish Nancy Drew’s thrilling adventures, sneak out of my room to put it away…………then decide to start another one!! (Seriously, wut?)

One time, when I was 18 or 19, I had this job where I had to wake up at 5am to get there on time. I would stay up till midnight and then wake up 5 hours later no problem. That might have had something to do with falling in love because a lot of those nights were spent facebook chatting with my husband. At the time, he was just a crush. Aaaahhh, internet, bringing people together since……….when was the internet invented?

And then fast forward to the past two years, my bedtime has frequently been 3 or 4 in the morning. It got so bad that I couldn’t fall asleep before 2am!! That’s not healthy. Why did it all of a sudden get worse within the past few years?? Maybe that’s because I have a husband and dog who snore so loud it sounds like a freaking freight train in our room….maybe that has something to do with it…

The husband is on one side of the bed, the dog is on her bed on the floor next to my side of the bed and they both snore in beautiful unison. Really, if I didn’t want sleep so bad some nights, I might just say it’s quite lovely. But the husband also sleeps through anything…..ANYTHING!! When he snores I punch and kick as hard as I can (granted, my arms are too skinny to actually hurt him but damn it, I’m hitting him really hard!) and he still doesn’t wake up!

I’ve been trying really hard to make my sleeping habits better, having heard several comments from family, husband and friends. It started out trying to get to sleep by or before 1am, then midnight. Now it’s sometime in between 9 and 10. And you’ll be pleased to know, I’m getting better…..but I still have those nights where my inner night owl rebels and refuses to sleep.

And tonight is one of those nights. Hello world! It’s 3am where I am and I’m just sitting here, blogging and listening to Band of Skulls (Himalayan is a great album by them, you should listen to it!)

Maybe sleep will visit me soon…..


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