The draft of this post was written in August…that just goes to show you how long I’ve waited to post this because I want it to be perfect.

The name of this post is a little ironic in that there will be a somewhat vehement rant about complaining people.

But I promise to not get too carried away and just tack-a-tack-a-tack away on my keyboard; I am hereby making a pinky-promise (I’m holding out my pinky finger to you, don’t leave me hanging bro!) that this post will not be a way for me to relieve stress but to bring to light some topics that I find important. Is that okay with you?


Now that niceties are over, let’s get down to business…..TO DEFEAT, THE HUNS!!!!!!!! (sorry, I’m done!)


One of the things that I notice/dislike the most about my facebook newsfeed is that it seems to be littered with sentences like such: “The one video Obama is trying to keep from going viral!” “Gee thanks Obama!” [Insert damning post about christianity] [Insert belittling political comment here] “Can you believe what this one political figure said/did?” “If so-and-so were a christian like they say they are, then why did they say this thing?” “Can you believe the stupidity of some people?” [Insert comment about how good I am and how stupid people I don’t like are] “This certain sentence was worded funny in this one article that I read, can you believe this guy? What an idiot!”

It goes on and on and on and on and on and on until I feel my stress levels rising to a place where they shouldn’t be.

Since when, as a culture, have we become so fixated putting down the people/things we don’t like and praising ourselves?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I think politely voicing one’s opinions and thoughts on the world around us is a wonderful thing. It opens up your mind to other’s opinions and gives you an opportunity to kindly have a discussion about differing opinions.

But there’s a huge difference between complaining/gossiping about things you find offensive and voicing one’s opinions. Wouldn’t you agree?

And I know that everyone has been guilty of this at least once in their life; but if every single thing you post is about some secret agenda that you think this one person has then you need to have a reality check.


The comments that hit below the belt both in religion and politically are uncalled for. What makes people think that harsh words and mean comments are going to make them sound any more intelligent or win the argument?


Guys, we only have so long on this earth, why are you sitting behind your computer screen complaining about how horrible the world is instead of spending every last moment with people and things you love?

Why can’t there be more praising the good and beautiful things of this world instead of complaining about the bad?


For those politically inclined, I’d like to challenge you in this way: have you once thought about how your comment could affect the person it’s directed towards? Have you stopped to realize these men and women in office that you are slandering, have family and friends who love them and don’t want to see their name dragged through the mud? What if someone called you names or started spreading unfounded rumors about you? How would you feel, what would those people close to you say? Those people who seem so far away are real people, and you’re not just hurting them, you’re poisoning yourself. You are allowed to disagree with where they stand and not vote for them if you don’t like where they stand; you are allowed to publicly voice your disagreement with them if you so choose. But what grounds do you have to sit behind a computer and slander them? What makes you think that you can do their job better than they can? Let’s see how you handle that pressure. Maybe you should try to talk about the people in office you like and why you like them.

For those religiously inclined: if you are really and truly a christian, if you really and truly believe that you are a wretched sinner who has no hope of salvation except for the saving grace of God; then who are you to make degrading comments about what people believe? Who are you to say that someone doesn’t deserve salvation or that they are unfit for God’s grace? Who are you to sit on your pedestal looking down at people you deem lower than you? Who are you to say if an individual is worthy of salvation or not? If you are really a christian, a follower of the Lord, then why aren’t you living like Him? He befriended the “dirtiest” people in the world, people that most of us would never want to associate ourselves with. He got His hands dirty because He truly loved people and wanted those who didn’t belong in the world to have a home. Why are you preaching fire-and-brimstone and getting hung up on the finer details of theology? Do you think that’s what will bring people to Jesus? If you really believe that the Bible is good news, then why are you so glum and judgmental? Why aren’t you happy about what has been given to you? Maybe you should try to talk about the good and beautiful things happening in your life instead of calling people out.


People, less talking about what you hate and more talking about what you love! Negativity is a poison that clouds our sight and ultimately leaves us blind! Enjoy this world before you, go out every day with the desire to see the good things around you! This world can be a very sad and dark place, I’m the first to admit that; but how does wallowing in that darkness make you any better in the end?

Will you be wishing that you could have said more bad things about Obama on your deathbed? Or will you be looking back, counting all the times you didn’t stop to see how beautiful this life is and all the moments you missed because you were hung up on what you hated?

Life is too short, take more time to live in the moment.

That is all.


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