Tonight, I had the greatest skype date ever with my sisters. It’s been ages since we talked and our conversation ranged from nightmares to funny surfer dudes to gross stuff that was growing in my kitchen sink…but that’s besides the point.

Conversations with my sisters tend to become a little nostalgic, we had quite the hilarious childhood together and it’s always fun to talk about all the adventures we had together. We started talking about a game we used to have, a game we were all so good at that we made the other kids jealous: the game bop-it…..the extreme edition If you are a kid of the 90’s then you probably remember bop-it extreme, if you aren’t, here’s a picture for reference.


Basically, you hit the center button once and the game starts, it will then call out demands like “bop-it!” when you hear that you hit the center button. “Pull it!” You pull on the blue lever. And so on and so forth. Gradually the commands come faster and faster and you have to keep up, if you miss or stall or do the wrong command, game over; it tallies up your score and you start again. Another way to play is that you have to pass it around, you do one command and hand it to the person next to you and whoever misses is out.

Pretty basic game. The original bop-it only had 3 commands total, bop-it extreme had 5. When we got the game, I was around 9 or 10 and it was a hand-me-down toy from someone else….but me and my sisters quickly became pros at it.

My highest score in bop-it was 200 something….seriously….200!! Who has time for that? We became so good at it that playing normally got boring so we turned it upside down to challenge ourselves. We were so good, that we’d get frustrated at the other kids because they just couldn’t get it….kind of made us pompous little creatures honestly.

I remember once we were sitting in the hallway with our friends after church, we brought bop-it to play afterwards; there’s about ten of us sitting around in a circle. At this point, we’re masters, pros…..gods even! We start playing with everyone, and no one gets it!!! “Twist it!” and they just stare blankly at the thing in their hands like, “uuuuuhhhhh” It was really quite frustrating and I could feel myself shaking with slight fury. All I wanted was to snatch the game out of their hands and show them how it’s done!

Those were the days.

Now I think I’m going to buy bop-it from target or something and see if I can break my record of 200. Be right back.


One thought on “Bop-It

  1. Imagine: we played cowboys and Indians (didn’t know if they were Redskins or Chiefs or Seminole). I don’t remember games in the late ’40s and early ’50s. Thanks for the sharing of memories.

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