It was late on a saturday night, the husband and I are at Hastings (basically your comic book, movie, books, music, geek merchandise and more superstore), we’re looking through vinyl for some good music for my new turntable. The movie ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ had just recently been released and–of course–we saw it the day it was released; it’s our new favorite movie. The soundtrack and story and everything about it was perfect.

Honestly, the soundtrack was one of the best things about the movie. It’s basically just a collection of stellar, classic, rock tunes. Some music I’ve grown up hearing and others that I’d yet to be introduced to. It’s AMAZING! Seriously, go buy it, you won’t be dissapointed!

Back to the story…..

As we’re searching through vinyl, the store starts playing the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack and we’re jamming and singing along, it’s great. And then one of our favorite songs comes on: Spirit In The Sky. The husband sings the melody and I start singing all the gospel type harmony.

Then I notice, the next aisle over are two guys around our age. They’re looking through vinyl too and one of the guys is singing particularly loud and he’s singing the gospel harmony parts too.

We shared this moment at the store: two strangers, both really into a fantastic song, singing their hearts out like they are actually performing it live. It was really quite beautiful, you should have been there.


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