So, there are these two friends I’ve had since I was nine years old. Two sisters, about two years apart and they have been second sisters to me and my sisters. We’ve shared a lot together over the years.

These two are some of the funniest girls I know, just when you think they can’t get funnier…they do.


One night, when they were staying the night with us, they told us this story of babysitting their youngest brother when their mom was working at the hospital; their brother was being so bad. He would not listen to either of his sisters, he was getting into things he shouldn’t have and being very mean.

My friends were getting tired and angry, and they knew that drastic times called for drastic measures. They took a deep breath, looked each other in the eye and nodded at each other. They take their youngest brother by the hand, lead him into their living room and make him sit down on the couch. They then proceed to take an old picture from an old photo album, they hold the picture up to their brother. Then the oldest sister looks at her brother and says, “Do you know who that is?” her brother looks at her and shakes his head.

“That’s Jessica. Do you know who Jessica is?” again, her brother shakes his head.

“Jessica was your sister, do you know what happened to Jessica? Mommy killed Jessica because Jessica didn’t listen to her sister.” she paused for dramatic affect, “You don’t want to be like Jessica do you?” Their brother looked up at them with big, scared eyes, shook his head and was sent off to think about his long lost sister.

You’d think a story like that would scar a four year old boy for life, but you will be pleased to know that he spent the rest of the night being just as bad as he was before, apparently forgetting about his sister Jessica who had suffered a worse fate than him.


And for those of you who may be worried, don’t be; the picture, just an old photo of the oldest sister and the youngest brother, has no recollection of that story and forgot about it almost as soon as he had heard it.


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