On Procrastinating

I’m a procrastinator.

The first step is admitting it right?

I’m a really, really, really bad procrastinator. I always have been, and although I’ve made steps to combat it, I’m pretty sure I always will be.

In the past and in most situations these days, the situation isn’t big enough that procrastinating is going to be a terribly bad thing; at most, my procrastinating has only served as a way to inconvenience myself and, occasionally, inconvenience others.

But life these days has decided to be very tough on me. There are several thing that I’m juggling at the moment that all need to be addressed, like, yesterday. And one of the biggest things of all, something that has to be completed by this Saturday, I DON’T WANNA DO!!!!!!!!

I just can’t seem to actually complete it. I’ve thought about it a lot, I’ve jotted down little notes about how I’d like to do this said thing………but starting it and completing it is something else entirely!

This evening, I made an attempt at starting this project of mine, got five minutes into it……………………..and here I am writing about it instead of doing it. Someone shake me by the shoulders and yell at me to do this thing I have to do!!!


I wish I could relieve your curiosity, but for the sake of anonymity from certain people, I cannot. Those of you who know me personally, you are free to ask away and I’ll be happy to complain all about it to you. The rest of you will just have to make up scenarios in your head of what’s happening.


What do you do that helps you get over your procrastinating??


New Year’s Eve

This year has been the least Christmas-ey Christmas ever!

Not to mope, I just think that it’s been harder for me to feel in the Christmas spirit while my family is far away. I’m counting down the days till I’m with them for Christmas for sure!


But let’s not talk about sad stuff. I’ve been stressed and sad and frustrated and confused and tired all at the same time these days, so let’s talk about good stuff.


I’m a crazy holiday person. I love everything about Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. I love the traditions, the warm fuzzy feeling, being with family, THE FREAKING PRESENTS!!!!!!!!!! I love it all!

This year, the holidays have been a blur of mopey-sadness and I’ve been so passive about everything. (Damn hormones!)

But there’s one holiday that, no matter what, never fails to be fun. Even those years where it isn’t as good as the others, it still never ceases to be fun and to amaze. That holiday is called New Year’s Eve.


New Year’s Eve is always magical, it’s always fun, it’s always not what you expected and everything you hoped it would be all rolled in one! I’ve had some pretty amazing things happen on New Year’s Eve. It’s always incredibly hopeful and slightly bittersweet at the same time. Looking back on an old year and ringing in the new one with friends, family and sparkling champagne!

I got engaged on New Year’s Eve in 2010! My husband (then boyfriend), took me to the fanciest restaurant we’d ever been to, we spent the whole night talking and laughing. He was alternately completely normal and completely nervous and it confused me. And then at the end of the night, he knelt down beside my chair and held up this beautiful ring and asked me to be his wife. My ring has champagne diamonds in it, the perfect New Year’s engagement ring, sparkling and bubbling like that celebratory beverage. We were too happy to finish the free dessert they gave us and so we went back home to the New Year’s party that our family’s always went to. I was met at the end of the driveway by my sisters in the rain; all three of us held each other tight and cried about how happy and sad we were. And then, with my fiance’s hand in mine, we were practically carried into the house by our throng of family and friends where we were met with applause and tears and hugs and laughter. It was magical and one of my favorite nights of my life!

Every year since then, my husband and I go out to dinner together and then rejoin our family and friends at the party. The kids (who are all grown up now but are still called the kid group) hang out in the basement all night playing games and laughing. At midnight we go upstairs and ring in the new year. And after we’ve cheered and finished our champagne we sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to my friend whose birthday is January 1st. After that, all the kids don our coats and scarves and hats and run out into the night to a playground a few blocks away. We play on the playground until we are too tired and then we go back to the house and play more games until one by one, people drop like flies and it’s time to go home and sleep.


New Year’s Eve is the holiday made for night owls. It feels big. The weight and memories–both good and bad–of the previous year press in on you. The regrets, the triumphs, the tears and the nights that have seared into your brain all come flooding back. On the one hand that heaviness, on the other, the vastness and emptiness and newness of a brand new year.  A year that hasn’t been touched, a myriad of unknown things are held in the new year. Who knows what will happen? It’s an adventure!


New Year’s Eve is magical and it feels fancy, even if you’re celebrating in your blue jeans!


So think of me this December 31st as you drink champagne at midnight! Whether it’s out of a fancy champagne flute as you’re dressed to the nines or in a plastic cup in the basement of your best friend’s house! Think of me, I’ll be thinking of you and we’ll face the new year together.


Would You Rather – The Zombie Edition

There was a recent death on the husband’s side of the family and with that came an unexpected drive to Indiana. About 7-8ish hours driving.
To save on gas, we piled the husband’s two younger sisters and his best friend (who happened to marry one of the sisters!) in the back seat of our car and made the trip together.
The trip up was spent jamming to early 2000’s pop/dance songs that were popular among ourselves as kids; it was done in an attempt to keep the husband awake during the late night drive.

On the way back, it was cold and drizzly and gloomy; we were all dragging from an early morning to get back on the road. The husband decided to start a game: Would You Rather – The Zombie Edition.

It was very beneficial to ask these questions actually, I realized how little I had planned for situations if an apocalypse ever took place! It helped me to think and plan ahead that way if things ever get that bad I can just jump into action!

So here are a list of my favorite questions that maybe you should think about:

Would you rather climb a tree to escape a horde of zombies or swim across a lake?

Would you rather wait out the zombie apocalypse with a posse (5 or more) or a smaller group (you and two others)?

If you had in your possession already a handgun, ammo for that handgun (and plenty of it) and a few bottles of water, would you rather run across double your ammo or water filters for drinking water?

Would you rather live in a city or live on a farm during the zombie apocalypse?

If you had runny poops, the worse poops of your life, would you rather go out in the woods in the middle of winter or would you rather go in a public restroom only in the corner of that restroom was a rotting corpse? (the corpse is 100% dead and there’s no chance it will come back to life as a zombie while you finish your–business…)

You and your posse of people are raiding a small, abandoned town for supplies. You are split up but are meeting in a previously stated location. Suddenly a helicopter lands right beside you and says there is an innumerable horde of zombies headed your way. They can only take one person: either you go with them or you stay and die with your friends…..which one do you go with?

What is your plan once the zombie virus breaks out? Do you pillage and raid with the rest of them? Or is there something else that you have in mind?


I urge you to ponder these scenarios in your spare time and come up with a game plan–you never know.

Tell me your answers in the comments, I’ll tell you my answers if you tell me yours!!

Happy week everybody.