On Procrastinating

I’m a procrastinator.

The first step is admitting it right?

I’m a really, really, really bad procrastinator. I always have been, and although I’ve made steps to combat it, I’m pretty sure I always will be.

In the past and in most situations these days, the situation isn’t big enough that procrastinating is going to be a terribly bad thing; at most, my procrastinating has only served as a way to inconvenience myself and, occasionally, inconvenience others.

But life these days has decided to be very tough on me. There are several thing that I’m juggling at the moment that all need to be addressed, like, yesterday. And one of the biggest things of all, something that has to be completed by this Saturday, I DON’T WANNA DO!!!!!!!!

I just can’t seem to actually complete it. I’ve thought about it a lot, I’ve jotted down little notes about how I’d like to do this said thing………but starting it and completing it is something else entirely!

This evening, I made an attempt at starting this project of mine, got five minutes into it……………………..and here I am writing about it instead of doing it. Someone shake me by the shoulders and yell at me to do this thing I have to do!!!


I wish I could relieve your curiosity, but for the sake of anonymity from certain people, I cannot. Those of you who know me personally, you are free to ask away and I’ll be happy to complain all about it to you. The rest of you will just have to make up scenarios in your head of what’s happening.


What do you do that helps you get over your procrastinating??


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