Concerning The Existence of Aliens?

New Year’s Eve 2014 – At the party, we’re getting ready to bring in the new year. My red, solo, cup is filled to the brim with icy, sparkling, red grape juice. It was kind of depressing since there were others drinking a much more festive drink, Goldschlager, a cinnamon flavored liquor with flakes of gold in it. We count down and then all of a sudden it’s 2015 and we’re singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to my newly married friend!

Shortly after, I catch murmurs that there’s going to be a bonfire out in the woods. People start putting on coats and scarves and filling up their drinks before heading out into the cold. It’s so cold outside, in the low 30’s and stupidly, I’m clutching a freezing cold drink in my bare hands as we walk through the neighborhood and jump a fence into the woods. The forest floor is muddy and the cold is of the damp kind, the kind that seeps all the way into your bones.

After a five minute walk, we have finally reached the bonfire site and the boys are working on setting it up. Because everything is so damp it takes a while before we have a nice, roaring fire to keep us warm. The smoky smell of the bonfire mingles with the smell of cinnamon Godlschlager that someone had brought with them. We’re sitting around the fire, talking and laughing, a few were a little tipsy. Speeches were made, the fire was stoked, we started singing ‘Kumbaya’ and then stopped because we couldn’t remember the words.

As we’re racking our brains for the lyrics (and trying to sing it anyway), a bright green flash lights up the sky. I look behind me just in time to see it. Not three seconds afterwards, there’s a loud, whirring, crashing sound. It almost sounded like a Transformer. From the singing that was still going on, not everyone had heard/seen what had just happened. Finally one of the guys said, ‘Hey, did you guys see what just happened?’

It was then explained and a few people came out saying they had noticed it but were trying to ignore it. And although I’d say that this group of friends is definitely the skeptical type, the probability of aliens was definitely thrown out there.

I am the type that is a little more open-minded. I wouldn’t say that aliens are absolutely real…..but then again, how can I say with absolute certainty that they might not exist somewhere out there? I haven’t seen anything to back up that they exist, but there is so much undiscovered that I can’t shake my head and say there is no such thing. And that night….it freaked me the hell out, the silence that followed that sound. I’d never heard anything like it!

My eyes kept straying from the fire and everyone singing ‘Father Abraham’ to the edge of the clearing we were in. Scanning the trees for movement in the light of the moon. My eyes played tricks on me and kept bending the shadows into foreign shapes.


Before long we heard the sound of sirens, lots of them! Screaming into the night, the horrible suspenseful sound that doesn’t stop. We all stop what we’re talking about and listen, the topic comes up again, what happened? What was that sound? Was it a crash? The interstate was right behind us, could it be a big truck had toppled over? But where did that green light come from?

It was getting late so we decided to put out the fire, go back to the party and find out what happened.

A scouting party of our own was sent out and we sat inside, waiting for news. About an hour later they show up with picture and video evidence.


Don’t get your hopes up….unfortunately, it was nothing as exciting as a flying saucer crashing. There were no little, green men attacking the city with ray guns or reeking havoc on the town. No, a building had caught fire. From the looks of where we were at the time, it must have exploded in some way, hence the flash of green light and the strange whirring sound. It was bad, our scouting party said they hadn’t seen so many fire trucks in one place before.

Here is the article of what happened, they still don’t know what caused the fire at all:

Montgomery Business Heavily Damaged by Large Overnight Fire


So, just goes to show you how our brains can trick us into turning quite tragic (but ordinary) situations into extraordinary ones………or maybe it really was aliens, maybe the burning building was just a distraction from the real truth?

*dramatic music *


Happy New Year everyone!


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