Has The Disaster Ended?

This is mostly just a follow-up to my last post, nothing too exciting happening here.

There will be no alien landing stories or other such adventures, sorry to burst your bubble!


But, for those that might be curious to know, the disaster has somewhat ended. If you read my last story about the burst pipe and living in a house with no running water and want to know what happened, you’ve come to the right place.

Two days. Two days with no running water. All night Thursday, 95% of Friday and most of Saturday. And I am a survivor. I like to think I’m this bad-ass girl who could outlive everyone in a disaster or horror movie. That I could rough it and come out on the other end stronger–I’m not that person at all. I’m a softy who likes the conveniences of modern technology too much, I like my creature comforts. But, I came out on the other end of this feeling like I wasn’t too bad off; I could rough it if I had to with little emotional outbursts to be had.

(Side note: there was a little bit of blubbering that happened on Friday night because I felt gross and disgusting but overall, I was okay. Not bad for an eight month prego, right?)

I made sure that we had bottled water to drink and a big jug of water to use for general things such as: brushing teeth, washing our faces, washing our hands, etc. I was even able to heat some of this water up and wash my husband’s hair over the tub. (Necessity is indeed the mother of invention!)

The most difficult part of living in a home with no running water was definitely not being able to flush the toilets and not being able to take a proper shower.

But we’ve made it, we have water back on in the house and I can wash the mountain of dishes and the mountain of laundry and take a shower! Hurrah!


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