Princess Zelda

Princess Zelda, my sweet dog is without a doubt my first baby. As a matter of fact, the husband and I very frequently comment on what a great big sister she’s going to make for our baby.

Yes, we are those people, but we only dress her up for Christmas card pictures–promise!

Let me just tell you about a typical day in the life of Zelda and me.


My day begins promptly at 9am, when Zelda sticks her front paws up on the bed and her nose in my face. When she’s ready to wake up there’s no going back to sleep–she will whine and whimper until I drag myself from the warmth of the sheets. Immediately it’s time to go outside and take care of her daily duty of scaring off squirrels and birds.

Sometimes this takes 5 minutes, sometimes it takes a lot longer.

When she’s finished with her guard duty, it’s time to come inside and eat a big breakfast. While she’s eating, I’ve moved her bed from the floor in my room to the big window in our living room. The big window affords her a prime spot for observing the goings on of the neighborhood. Mostly in the morning, when the sun is streaming in that big window, she likes to spend her time napping lazily in the sunny glow that warms up her bed. She curls her slim body into a ball and gazes sleepily out the window until sleep takes over.

Now sometimes during nap time, the vicious post man happens to walk up to our door to leave a package and ring the door bell. This is not acceptable because as everyone knows, the post man is really just a cold-blooded killer out to destroy all people. If she could bust through that window and rip him to shreds she would. She is not happy when he walks up to the door and makes that very clear to him–for some reason, he’s yet to get the memo.

Once lunch time gets here, she gets a little more restless. Maybe she goes outside again or maybe she decides she’ll play with her plastic bone, running around the house making it squeak. Mostly she just follows me around and makes sure that I’m okay while I work on laundry or dishes or whatever it is I’m doing.

Once 2 or 3 in the afternoon gets here, guard duty picks up again–this time, she’s got to keep an eye on those pesky schoolchildren walking home. You never know when they could just attack from out of nowhere! And then of course there’s those monsters who like to jog or take a nice walk with their kids in strollers. They might look innocent but we all know the truth don’t we? She sees through their disguise in a heart-beat and makes sure that they know she’s watching them and they can’t fool her.

Once the fitness crowd starts to disperse, it’s time to wait sleepily for her favorite person in the whole world to come home from work. She sits by the window and waits for the husband to make his appearance. Her nose pressed to the glass, sad eyes scanning the road and our driveway. Once his car pulls up in the driveway, she is inconsolable until he walks through the door, unable to contain her excitement. She cries like she hasn’t seen him in years.

When he walks in the door it’s all jumping and whimpering and crying until she can finally settle down.

The rest of her night consists of bothering both of us while we eat dinner and catch up on our Netflix. The husband normally banishes her to the back yard until she settles down and once she’s worn herself out and goes back to sleep.

Once she’s finally worn herself out again, she naps peacefully on her bed until it’s time for sleep. Her bed is moved from the window to the floor on my side of the bed where she joins the husband in the beautiful chorus of snores that permeate my sleep.


And that, my dear friends is a day in the life of Zelda the dog.



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