On Capturing Life

I’m a photographer.

I started taking pictures when I was 17. My two sweet friends were over and the night before we made a movie about three princesses being chased through the woods by an evil witch.

*Side note: it was very dramatic and vague, it should have won awards…but alas….

The next morning, since we didn’t have the time to film another movie, we decided to have a photo shoot. Now both of these friends were ballerinas and I was the gawky, awkward friend of the group: I decided that I’d spend the majority of my time behind the camera.

I found a joy in taking those pictures, in arranging an image that told a story. And so, I started experimenting with my little point-and-shoot camera.


Fast forward two years to me opening up a box with my brand new, shiny, digital slr camera! I was hooked. I took my camera everywhere and captured the life of my sisters and our friends. I even tried starting a 365 project! (There was another blog that stemmed from that project…it’s still out there somewhere, so embarrassing!!)

I’ve done a lot of pictures for high school graduates, several engagement pictures, a few family/baby pictures and I now have 3 weddings under my belt! It’s been a crazy long ride and I’ve learned so much along the way. One of my favorite things about this job, no matter what event I’m taking pictures of: when I take that picture, I’m freezing an image in time that will never, ever be recaptured again. Those moments when the person in front of my camera forgets I’m there and is just themselves…it’s like you’ve captured their soul, their essence. It’s really beautiful and I love it so much.


I’m a photographer, and I love capturing life.


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