Sick-Day Movies

Do you have a movie that you always pop in when you get sick? A favorite that always seems to soothe your weary, disease-ridden body?

Well, the husband and I do, and that movie is ‘Star Wars: Episode 2’ and every time one of us gets sick and we make the couch our living area, that movie tends to find itself in our dvd player.

It all started at our very first apartment together. We’d been married only a few months, our apartment was so tiny; our couch was actually a futon. The husband got really, really sick that winter, I think it was bronchitis (which has come back to plague him again this go around.) We decided to get all the pillows and blankets we could find in the house, pull out the futon and pile everything on it and just spend all day long on the futon. We watched so many movies, ate so much McDonalds, and I was the nurse who was in charge of making sure he took his medicine and got plenty of snuggles to get better.

One evening, we popped in Star Wars and both fell asleep somewhere halfway through the movie. In the very early morning, I’m talking 4am, we both wake up slowly to the music that plays during the menu being repeated over and over and over and over and over–like a broken record! Eventually, I poked him in the ribs enough times to just turn it off already before I go crazy.


So the husband got bronchitis again over the weekend; he’s spent two days at home and we’ve ordered pizza and had lots of ice cream! The other day, we decided that in the interest of tradition, it was time to watch Star Wars again. Not to mention, we’d just finished watching Episode 1 earlier last week.

And sure enough, the first night we watched it, the husband dozed off within an hour of starting it! The second night we watched it and tried to finish it, I fell asleep probably an hour more into the movie. And finally, today, we’ve successfully finished our sick-day movie and can move on to the next movie in the series.


Send the husband well wishes to get better soon! He wants to be all the way better when this baby decides to make his arrival, it’s any day now!!


Have a happy weekend!


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