Heartstrings Hurt

I received a text from my youngest sister today about the soundtrack for one of our favorite movies.

It read something like this:

“You know that feeling when you feel something so hard it’s almost like your heart has to work extra hard just to beat? I have that now and I can’t handle the feels!”

I’ve spent my entire life trying to explain that feeling and she summed it up in one sentence!

That feeling is something I get most often when listening to good music–the kind that pierces into your soul and makes you feel things that you didn’t know were there. I get that feeling when a thunderstorm rolls in during the spring and summer; the trees are so green and the sky is so dark and there’s this smell in the air that is unlike any other. I get that feeling during my favorite parts in movies; the parts where it doesn’t seem like a movie but like you’re watching real life unfold in front of you.

Having your heartstrings pulled is a painfully beautiful thing. But in those moments I’ve never felt more alive.

So here’s to the people who feel things so deeply it becomes physically painful–I salute you!


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