Dreaming Of Summer

As we delve deeper into the mild, tender days of spring, I find myself dreaming of summer.

What is it about summer that makes everything magical?

I love everything about summer: the splash of icy water that relieves you from the heat, whether at the lake or the pool. Lazy afternoons spent in the sunshine with a book, good music and a coca-cola. The smell of sun screen, sun tan lotion or bug spray permeate every outdoor activity. Late night bonfires and making smores. The fireworks during the Fourth of July. Ice cream and snow cones. Barbecues in the background where friends gather over burgers and a beer. The long days that slowly and hazily drift into dreamy nights. Gorgeous sunsets where jewel-like colors splash the sky. The feel of the sun on bare legs and arms. Night swimming with best friends. Walks in the muggy evening. Driving fast on the interstate at night with all the windows down and the music turned all the way up. Spending hours on the beach. Making tie-dye shirts and fingers being stained a rainbow of colors. Afternoons in the hammock. Tubing on the lake.

Summer makes my heart beat fast and reminds me that life is supposed to be lived wildly and recklessly because we only have so much of it to live. Summer is incredibly magical and it seems to be over too fast–I feel like that’s what makes me devour every single second of it as much as I can.

Summer is on its way and I welcome its youthful presence happily.


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