As cliche as it sounds, starbucks was where I slowly fell in love with my husband.

When we started dating it was immediately a long-distance affair. He lived an hour away from me and could only afford to come visit with me on the weekends. When he did come home, a lot of times he was so busy with school (that’s what I got for dating a mechanical engineer….) and had so much homework that we’d spend the weekends at starbucks: he was doing homework and I was reading. But we had so much fun together and between complex equations and copious amounts of reading, we talked about a lot.

Starbucks was at the center of our relationship; I was very literally ‘Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop’ (you’re welcome for that bit of sappy, love-sickness…)

We decided the name of our future children over chai tea lattes; we discussed what we thought about religion and politics over caramel macchiatos; we dreamed up our future home over iced, green tea.

Hours sped by too fast as we opened up our hearts to each other.

Tonight, we had one of our first starbucks dates in a long time; we dreamed and laughed and joked and flirted just like the old days. Conversation going from funny to serious like a rollercoaster.

So thanks Starbucks, I owe you one!


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