Mother’s Day

First Mother’s Day as a real mom…like, what?!

But really though, it’s been fun. The husband took care of baby at 6am so I could have a few extra hours of sleep and only woke me up to give me my present from little man!

Being a mother now (not a very experience one but one nonetheless) I’ve realized all that my mom did for me growing up that I never realized.

I mean, you have this person that depends on you for absolutely everything and instead of hating that thing for taking everything from you–your body, your life, your freaking sleep–you love it to the point you’re afraid of breaking it! You carried that person inside your body for nine months of your life!!

It doesn’t make sense that you can love someone so much; someone that doesn’t give you anything in return. And yet, you awake to the cries at ungodly hours and are only slightly put out.

So to all the Mother’s that gave up so much of themselves for their children and to my mom in particular: thank you. Without you, where would we be?

Besides, you pushed a real human out of your body…sometimes more than once. You’re a freaking bad-ass!!

Love you mom!


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