Gas-Station Famous

When I was pregnant, I craved all kinds of candy: skittles, but mostly starbursts.

Conveniently for a very-pregnant me, there was a gas station a mere 2 minutes from our house that I could drive to up till 11pm to buy said candy.

Add up at least six months of a girl buying two things at this gas station and as you can guess, they started to know me as the “skittles and coke” girl. It started out with comments like, “Skittles again?”

But then it started happening when I wasn’t there!

One night, my husband went out for me and when he came back he reported that they looked at him and said, “Does she need her skittles and coke again?”

Needless to say, I was a little embarrassed.

I hadn’t been in that gas station since the birth of my son, it’s been at least three months since I’ve shown my face. Tonight was my first night back.

I went up to the register, half hoping that my new haircut/haircolor would throw them off and they wouldn’t notice me. (I was buying for my sick husband anyway…I’m not a fatty!)

But when I get up to the register I’m met with the familiar, “You’re getting skittles again!”

I laughed, “You know me!”

The two guys behind the counter then ask me how my baby is doing and beg me to bring him sometime so they can see him. I promise to bring him soon and then whip out my phone to show them pictures of my chubby boy. They said he looked healthy and happy.

It’s a little embarrassing being known as the girl who buys inordinate amounts of candy…but at the same time, I’ve always wanted to be a “regular” somewhere and it’s happened….so there’s that I guess.


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