For Christmas last year, my youngest sister gave me a spirit animal: a little animal carved out of stone.

My spirit animal was the bear.

At first I was a little uncertain; I mean, I always pictured my spirit animal being something a little more graceful. But when I read the card attached to it, I understood.

It reads:

“The Bear Spirit brings peace, modesty and benevolence. Bears are brave and defend their offspring. They have a very strong motherly nature. “

The thing I’ve been wrestling with lately (as somewhat mentioned in my post Secret Confessions of a Bad-ass Wannabe) is the idea of who I want to be and the reality of who I really am.

I can try to pretend that I’m that girl with the IDGAF attitude but in reality, I’m a softy who just wants to take care of people. So when I held that bear figurine in my hands, I realized I needed to embrace who I was: a mom figure.

I’ve always been the mom of most of my friend groups.

As a matter of fact, at one of my retail jobs, I was working the opening shift with the manager and he was telling me that him and his girlfriend had gone to see the Winnie the Pooh movie the night before.

“We realized that there were as many Winnie the Pooh characters as people working here and we figured out who was who last night.”

“No way! Tell me…”

He made his way down the list and everyone was spot on! And then he said, “And you are Kanga because you’re like everyone’s mom.”

I’ve always fought my softer side; I’ve always wanted to be the kind of woman that you don’t want to mess with. And I am a firm believer that if you want to change something about yourself, you can. But I think that there are some things about you that are inherently a part of your soul that you can never change. And for me, it’s the fact that I’m motherly, that I’m cute, that I’m at times too naive. But this year I’m learning that those things don’t make me weak, they are my strengths if I learn to use them as such.

Don’t fight against yourself, learn to embrace who you were made to be.

Besides, everyone knows not to mess with a mama bear.


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