Creatures of the Night

So there’s this quote that I stumbled across but then lost it in the infinity of the internet. And with all my searching I’ve yet to find the source and the author of said quote! If any of you know the origins of this it would make me the happiest person if you could tell me who wrote this so I can give credit where credit is due.

“I’ve always liked people who say the night is young.”

And I really do like people who say this. I feel a camaraderie with them.

Those are the ones who don’t want to go home, who don’t want the party to end, who want to dance until the sun comes up, who want to waste the night away in laughter. The odd brotherhood that is formed with strangers at a party, where a few glasses of wine has you spilling your heart out to someone you just met.

Those who crave to run out in the night shrieking under the stars, adventures that happen to good music, driving down a dark interstate with the windows down and your favorite song playing.

Those who know that at night, possibilities are endless. You can be whoever you want to be tonight. Tonight, you are infinite, you are young, you are–just for now–happy and the troubles of tomorrow are forgotten.

Why is it that the night dusts everything in golden, shimmering magic?

It fills moments up to brimming with feelings so deep you fear you might break from the weight of them.

The night is young, now let’s go dance.


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