To The Girl With The Peter Pan Soul

You have always been child-like and I mean that in the best of ways. From the childish sparkle in your eyes to the wry, mischievous grin that you gave so freely. When I think of you as an old woman, I still see you barefoot in the grass with children and animals flocked around you.

You have a gentle spirit that charms children and animals alike. You are a whisperer to the wild things inside of them and they are calmed and warmed by you. I’ve never seen a kid that didn’t want to play with you or a spooked horse that you couldn’t walk right up to.

You have a gentle, Peter Pan soul that is brilliant.

But, dear one, I think as your body has grown up, your little soul has become frightened and confused. Despite your will, you are growing up and there are responsibilities and realities that you are so scared to face.

It isn’t fair, I know. Life was easier when we were children and it’s only natural to wish we could crawl back in our childhood beds when it was early on a Saturday morning. Your family was all there, tucked snugly in their beds at peace; there’s a security in that.

But sweet girl, Peter Pan, even though he was a child, was so brave. He faced the scariest of bad guys and saved those he cared about all on his own. And when he fell out of his pram as a baby he didn’t get scared; no, he stuck out his chest, held his head high and shouted to his fears that he would not be afraid and that he could do whatever he put his mind to.

He didn’t grow up because he didn’t want to….and so it was!

And although you can’t quite stop yourself from growing, I know you can conquer all your fears and all that you put your mind to. Because in your child-like quality you are strong.

Your body must grow old my dear, and with that comes a reality that is harsh and scary and raw. But please promise me, please, that you will always let your Peter Pan soul soar to unimaginable heights. Don’t try to cage that up because it is a beautiful and wild thing that must be loved and whispered to. Always leave the window open for that restless and innocent soul of yours.

I love you.


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