On How The Husband And I Go To Weddings


I LOVE weddings.

I may not even know the bride or groom that well and I weep when the bride walks down the aisle. I love dancing and drinks and pretty dresses and flowers. I’m like a little girl at weddings!

And we’ve reached the point where our friends are getting married. (some are even starting to have babies, like what?!) A lot of these weddings are out of town and because we’re poor, young things we can’t afford to stay at a hotel. So we drive there and back in one day…it’s exhausting but so much fun! He normally drives there because I get tired during the day and then I drive back because once the sun goes down he can’t keep his eyes open!

There were two weddings in particular that we were invited to that were out of state. They were both about a six hour drive away from where we live and we decided to make the drive there and back all in one day.

So we put on comfy clothes for the drive there and plan to stop for a bathroom break shortly before arriving so we can change into wedding appropriate attire. We take our time with lots of snacks, plenty of bathroom breaks and a nice long lunch. Right around the bathroom break after lunch we realize we are cutting things very, VERY close. And then inevitably things hit the fan: we’re both drowsy at the wheel so we have to make caffeine stops, we get turned around, traffic decides to complicate things, etc. We finally hit the point where there is NO time to stop, we have to drive non-stop if we’re going to make it in time.

So the one who’s not driving hops in the backseat and changes into wedding clothes, as soon as that person is ready, the driver pulls over and chinese-fire-drill style we swap seats and keep driving. It’s insane.

I’m an expert at putting on/zipping up my dress in a car.

We get to the wedding, frantically putting on our shoes as we run to the church trying to look like we are adults who know how to get to a out of state wedding on time. (Spoiler alert: we’re not….)

And on the drive home, the husband is passed out in the passenger seat and it’s just me, the road, good music and darkness. My favorite driving conditions.


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