The Lights

Friday night. We gathered at our friend’s house–all our families with food, wine and desserts.

After a bible study (in which most of us giggled, doodled and passed notes) we’d put on our shoes and run outside in any type of weather and go to “the lights.”

With the words ‘HOLD FAST’ written in sharpie on our knuckles, we’d walk down the street–there was this bend in the road where the trees cleared and you could see for miles. We were up in the hills and the city was below us and the lights from downtown glittered invitingly for us to join in.

Sometimes we’d all walk in a group, other times we’d race each other, our lungs burning with the delight of moving. We’d sit in the grass and talk about anything and every thing.

In the winter we’d huddle together as close as we could for warmth. In the summer we’d dance in the road.

We’d stay out till most of the parents had collected their kids and dragged them home. Those who were left would all walk the short way home and swing or sit in the tree until it was our turn to leave.

Many dreams were dreamed. Many things discussed. Many secrets whispered. And many friendships forged stronger on that hillside where we watched the lights.


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