Our first apartment together as a married couple was awful. It was so tiny and we had some really sketchy neighbors.

But we were so in love that it didn’t matter. We had each other and a new life together and everything was golden.

The apartment building backed right up to the train tracks and the train passed by several times a day and every time it did the whole building would shake. There were these certain pictures I was always having to fix because the rattling building caused them to hang crooked.

Some people might find the train a nuisance…but I loved it! You could hear the whistle coming from far away, you started to feel the rumbling and for about two to three minutes, you had to shout over the noise.

At night it was so comforting to be falling asleep and hear the train passing by in the still of night. It was comforting and soothing to me. There were far too many nights I wanted to throw my shoes on, race beside the train and hop on to see where it would take me.

But I was never brave enough to do that.

Instead I dreamed about it.

Our last night in that apartment and we had stayed up late packing and hanging out. We had to put some things in the mail before moving so we walked across the street to the post office. Holding hands and skipping through the vast empty parking lot of the post office, suddenly we hear a shrill whistle.

I held his hand tighter, stared up into his blue eyes and begged him to wait for the train.

We walked as close to the tracks as we dared.

The whistle gets closer, it’s sound cold in the darkness. The ground begins to tremble beneath my toes and with it, so does my heart. Suddenly, bursting around the bend this mammoth machine flies past us at a terrible speed making my hair whip away from my face.

Never had I felt so alive and so small.

I held his hand by the tracks, saying a silent goodbye to one of the sweetest times of my life.

I’ve always loved trains. I love how they awaken my wanderlust to a frantic longing. I love how they make me feel at home and lonely at the same time.

Maybe it’s the gypsy blood of my ancestors in my blood, but one day I’ll train-hop across this country and I hope some of you will join me!


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