Just The Way I Like It

I’ve always wanted our home to be one where others felt at home too. Where people would gather over food and wine and laughter to pass the time and the night away.

And to be honest, our home used to be a lot more open before we became parents.

The husband is in the midst of working 12 days straight; and although things have been incredibly busy, we’ve managed to squeeze in time with our friends. Sunday was the best night of all though!

My sister-in-law showed up first, then an old friend and then my brother-in-law. Me and my sis-in-law went to get a movie and ran into good friends while we were out. And while watching a scary movie and chowing down on pizza we had more friends call to come hang out. Those friends stayed up with me after the husband had gone to bed and every one else had left and we played video games and watched tv together.

The whole day people were in and out of our home at their leisure. Between taking care of our guests and our son, the husband and I shared a stolen kiss here and a squeeze of the hand there. Our hearts filled to brimming that we could love our friends and family this way.

I hope that my son gets to grow up with a house full of friendship so strong it could be confused with family. And I hope that one day he has a love of giving soul-weary hearts a place to rest at his table.


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