I’m going to keep this super short…but this is something that has been driving me crazy the past few days and what better way to deal with something than to cast it into the deep abyss of the internet?

There has been a lot happening the past few days here in the U.S.

Equal marriage rights for everyone and the removal of a certain flag from all government properties.

I’m not here to take a side on these issues, I feel to really be able to communicate my stance on the matter I’d rather speak to someone directly. But I do think that one thing applies to those on either side of the issue:

We all deserve respect

Unfortunately, one look at social media and all you see are two extremes slandering each other.

Regardless of where you stand on these issues, respect each other! We all come from different backgrounds that give us difference perspectives and feelings on these issues. Let’s be adults and treat each other with the respect that we so boldly demand.

Carry on.


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