Struggles Of A Night Owl Who Loves Sleeping: Part 1

This post was inspired by a dear friend who was having a heart-to-heart with me over facebook messenger one night.

Things were wrapping up when I had to address a very important issue: namely the fact that I had taken something to make me sleep and two hours later it was kicking in and I couldn’t hold on much longer.

It’s really sad. I LOVE sleep. Nothing is more delicious than waking up in a dreamy haze to feel that the arm sticking out of the blankets is freezing cold; and then you slip that arm into the cozy depths of your bed nest and burrow back into its warmth and drift into your dreams again.

Nothing is better than cozy mornings as you lazily wake up.

That is until you have a kid that wakes up and you have to get him and there is no more sleep for you!!

I am a night owl by nature. But night owls and five month olds don’t mix. I thought I was cured of my sleeplessness when I had a baby! Waking up two times in the night left me falling asleep in five minutes. And then that baby started sleeping through the night at 3 months old and I was used to waking up in the night at least once!

So hear I am: a steadfast night owl to the end!

But when morning comes, this owl’s feathers get pretty ruffled.

So I’ve turned to the age old cure of melatonin to help me sleep.

But it’s so different! Waking up is like being dragged back from limbo. The dreams are intense, weird and strangely detailed. The being-woken-from-an-alternate-universe kind of dreams that leave you questioning reality for a minute or two when you wake up.

Not a pretty way to start the day!

But what’s a girl to do?


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