Four Years Later

Six years ago, I was facebook chatting with a boy I’d known since I was ten years old. Little did I know that those random, late night conversations, states apart, were making me fall in love with him.

Six years ago we spent a whole weekend being thrown into each other’s company. We were just friends……who secretly really liked each other. We played Coldplay songs together and I sang them. He played me a song he’d made up and I had a feeling that it was the start of something big.

Six years ago, I realized I loved that boy and that there was no way in hell that he could love me back.

Six years ago I found out he did and that he wanted to date me.

Two years went by of him living an hour away from me. I worked and he went to school and we went to starbucks on the weekends to spend every last moment with each other. We went window shopping and out to lunch dates with each other. We shared music all through those two years and held each other’s hand every moment we could.

Two years went by of me crying every time he had to leave when the weekend was over.

Two years went by and we started to talk about getting married.

Two years went by and he asked me to be his bride.

Two years went by and at the end of it we got married!

Four years ago I said ‘I do.”

Four years ago we made our home in a dinky, little apartment. We worked three part-time jobs between the two of us and our special date nights were at McDonalds. I hated my job and he hated being in school still. He graduated and got a real job.

Four years have gone by.

Four beautiful and painful years of a crazy relationship. A relationship where we loved each other most of the time and hated each other some of the time. Lots of ups and lots of downs.

Four years of fighting hard for our relationship. We’ve both changed a lot, hurt a lot and laughed even more!

Four years of inside jokes and weird voices. Watching our tv shows and playing weird, made-up games.

Four years of growing into who I am and I couldn’t have done that without him.

We celebrated four years of marriage on August 6th! We were such babies when we got married I’m surprised we’ve survived on our own this long!

Four years later we have our own baby and we are loving being parents–most of the time!

I am a very lucky girl and I love you husband!



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